Bloomberg: Where to Go in 2021
Rumene Manor, Latvia, is # 24 destination by Bloomberg pursuits.
Opening Art and Events Barn with Tukku Magi “Without Fetish” exhibition on August 2019, made Rumene Manor a vital cultural site as well as a beautiful place to visit

Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines Intersect, online exhibition.

Celebrating World Art Day - IAA/USA by bringing world traditional and contemporary art in dialogue on Tukku Magi Dialogue digital platform.


"Tukku Magi. Parallel Lines Intersect”. Tukums History Museum “Castle Tower”

in collaboration with Tukums Art Museum and The Art Museum Bourse, July17, 2021 - July 17, 2022

President of Latvia Egils Levits visited the “Tukku Magi. Parallel Lines Intersect” exhibition at Tukums History Museum “Castle Tower” and Tukku Magi Courtyard, August 18, 2021.

‘The future world culture centre ‘Tukku Magi’ highlights the importance of cross-cultural dialogue. It shows the depth of each individual culture and common values,’ said President Levits wishing the centre all the best in its future activities.

Andrea Cipriani Mecchi (USA), “Family at a Distance”. First show of the international project “Children Create History”, July 17


Tukku Magi. NorthSouth Film Parade, in collaboration with DOCUBOX (EADFF), Kenya and 2ANNAS, Latvia



"zibTUKKU MAGI", Light festival. Light setting by Peteris Brinins.

October 1

Midsummer music, July 17: Ekaterina Suvorova, Girts Pavenis, Davis Bindemanis, EVVEntus String Quartet, Janis Rungis, Madara Kuksa

Choir music concert, Tumes choir, composer Pauls Dambis, conductor @rudolfsbacans

July 1

Pop Up Culinary Adventure

Two days dinners with @restaurantcorners, August 6-7

“Talantu Pils Seta 2021”, children program, August 4

Roses and Body, July 16



Tower.To Be Continued, Tukums History Museum “Castle Tower”

in cooperation with Tukums Art Museum and The Art Museum Bourse

Five Dialogues in Tower, Medieval wall Tower exhibit space, Riga



Children Create History, international photo-project, children's photography.


The group of Tukums local activists and supporters formed RadiTukkuMagi.

Tukku Magi Courtyard Opening and celebration at the Zebergs Malt Factory



Received and transported to Latvia the collection of 500 African traditional art objects, donated by Tim and Bobbi Hamill of Boston, USA.

August - “Bez Fetiša/Without Fetish” exhibition, Introduction of TUKKU MAGI Project, Rumene Manor, Latvia.


August 20 - Tukku Magi Today and Tomorrow, Panel Discussion, Rumene Manor, Latvia


Justs Karlsons donated the historic Zebergs Malt Factory building to Tukku Magi project.